Seborrheic Dermatitis

Dr. Aouthmany, MD, FAAD
Board Certified Dermatologist


Seborrheic Dermatitis

We have naturally a yeast on our body since we are born.  Occasionally, the yeast may cause issues from cradle cap, to dandruff, to a more inflamed skin disease called seborrheic dermatitis.  They love oily areas on the body which includes the scalp and mid-line areas of the face (t-zone), chest and back.  

Managements includes the following:

1) Anti-dandruff shampoo:

  • L'oreal Everfresh Anti-dandruff sulfate free shampoo
  • the other over the counter are ok to use but contain sulfate and may dry out your hair and skin.
  • Head and Shoulders Leave-in anti-dandruff 
  • 2) if inflamed and itchy

  • a prescription from your dermatologist for a topical steroid solution or foam or lotion.
  • 3) for the face

  • Vanicream z-bar soap
  • Occasionally, a oral anti-fungal will be prescribed.  This depends on the severity of the condition.

    A  zinc-based sunscreen daily will help keep the yeast away during the day!