Dr. Aouthmany, MD, FAAD
Board Certified Dermatologist



Psoriasis is a complex inflammatory disease
It is treated with the following:

1) topical steroids and/or calcipotriene

2) if with with joint disease: systemic therapy with immunosuppressant medications

3) use of light therapy (narrow band UVB)4) the medications below (over the counter)


Is psoriasis a bowel disease? Successful treatment with bile acids and bioflavonoids suggests it is

Basically, psoriasis is a bowel problem and the main issue is a leaky gut that leads to inflammation from interaction with bacterial wall peptidoglycans and endotoxins causing the problems. To offset this, you should:
1. Take Quercitin 500mg, two pills with each meal
2. Duozyme 120mg. two pills with each meal

AVOID alcohol (as in no alcohol) and peppers (any kind, any color).