Post-biopsy Care

Dr. Aouthmany, MD, FAAD
Board Certified Dermatologist

Post-biopsy Care
Leave the pressure dressing DRY and IN PLACE for 48 hours after surgery. You may reinforce the bandage with tape if needed. After two days, remove the pressure bandage, clean the site with mild soap and water, pat dry, liberally apply one of the over the counter ointments below:
Vaseline (petroleum jelly), Vaniply, Aquaphor, DML Forte, Cerave ointment
Apply to the wound, and then cover with a new bandage. Repeat this process daily until the site is fully healed. Do not use hydrogen peroxide unless instructed!
  • If the bandage is removed and 'air-dry' the wound, it will heal faster but with more scar tissue.  
  • Leaving the bandaid on will keep it 'moist' with pink edges and yellow stuck on material (not draining but firmly stuck) may take over 2 weeks to really heal, even longer on the legs.  

Avoid strenuous physical activity for at least two weeks following surgery.
Avoid and submerging into water (pool, lake, bath) at least 2 weeks.
Take only Tylenol (Acetaminophen) 650mg every 8 hours for pain relief if needed.